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Mentoring Program (Beta)

Read below for the Young SMP

Applications are closed for 2018


As Tai Lopez, Ellen Eshner and many more explain on for example the TED stage, everyone should have a mentor. I think mentorship is very important, that’s why I want to already provide, as good as I can, guidance and help for young and ambitious students.

If you get selected for the Sodamin Scholarship, I will try to transfer the most important knowledge I have, help you to go the steps you need to live happy and meaningful and help you wherever else I can.


All scholars will get

  • mentorship and guidance on demand
  • at least one full day training in Rhetoric, Hypnosis, NLP, Meditation or another field I teach
  • up to 1000€ per year for self development purposes


To acquire this scholarship you have to be seen as suitable to make use of this mentorship in the best possible way. This means you are determined to help other people and the planet in the future. To achieve this goal, you still need the little help or guidance I can provide.


To apply for this scholarship, you can write me an Email (michael (at), containing the following information:

  • What do you study and where in your study course are you currently
  • Why do you think you earn this Scholarship
  • In which ways do you plan to use this Scholarship
  • Where do you currently live?

All information will be treated absolutely confidentially.

Young SMP

The Young SMP tries to provide some small "notches" to kids below the age of 16. On the one hand events and programs in, for exmaple, sport clubs or schools are supported.
On the other hand, I am trying to give my old engineering toys away to young, awake and interested kids, by also guiding the first steps with the material.